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Check out this cool video of my new single on Kudzu Electric

Memphis In Havana

"Memphis In Havana" from  the album "Soulsauce" has a funky latin groove that rocks you from beginning to end . This great video was created by Tim Whitsett, founder of Kudzu Electric


Connie was written for the love of my life


A Change Gonna Come

The Masqueraders were recently on America's Got Talent and received a resounding "Yes" from all three judges. I was honored when they asked me to produce their new single "A Change Gonna Come" 

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Stax Soul at the White House


Booker T Jones, Justin Timberlake, William Bell, Sam Moore, Cindy Lauper, Mavis Staples,Joshua Ledet, Queen Latifa, Alabama Shakes, Steve Cropper, Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite.

My New Album


  " SOULSAUCE " on Kudzu Electric  available at  Amazon, I Tunes and all internet outlets. We've received some great reviews;

Roger Friedman, producer of "Only The Strong Survive"  tweeted this on his Showbizz 411 page

Showbiz 411‏ @showbiz411  Jul 27More
#nowplaying this album is so good, I'm smiling and sighing. Bobby Manuel is a Stax all star player, the real deal.
 James Dickerson, musical historian, writer of "Goin" Back to Memphis"  wrote on facebook, Great music! It’s as if the spirits of Stax and Royal met in a back alley on Beale and produced a love child! 

" Brass Note On Beale Street "


The Beale Street Brass Note Committee honored me with a Brass Note which will be placed on Beale Street this spring. The Ceremony at BB King's was fantastic and featured were "Billy Rivers and The Angelic Voices of Faith" who blew the roof off the place and had all the tourists jumping for joy! Pictured with me is my lovely wife Connie.


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The Bio


Bobby Manuel is a legendary Artist/ Guitarist/Producer/Engineer and Composer known for laying the Groove down.

Robert Manuel Jr. was born November 13, 1945 in Memphis TN to Robert Harmon and Frances Perry Manuel.

Early Years

At the early age of twelve Bobby, like millions of others of his generation, had grown weary of Patty Paige's "How Much Is That Doggy In the Window" and Snooky Lansen's interpretation of "Behind The Green Door", the latter seen on "Your Hit Parade." Then the world changed. Elvis hit with "Heartbreak  Hotel" and drove the girls crazy. Bobby got all of Elvis' moves down and began singing his songs and pantomiming his records at all his friends' house parties. Then he discovered the missing piece, why all the girls hadn't screamed for him like they did for E. The guitar! That's when his story really begins. After much begging from Bobby and petition from his first guitar teacher Elmer Tanquerary, he awoke Christmas morning of 1956 to find a brand new Fender Musicmaster guitar and a Fender Tweed amplifier along with his "Melbay" primer book. He was set! Seventeen years later Bobby was still in awe of Elvis when he was asked to play guitar on the 1973 album "Raised On Rock"

I've Got Rhythm

His mother thought that dancing school would help burn off some of the extra energy he had because in those days he was considered a "hyper child." It turned out that he loved it and it probably helped him develop his keen sense of rhythm. It also led him to his second guitar teacher, Lyn Vernon, who played and taught a chord melody style that was pretty advanced for kids. He met the Mitchell family who lived in a nearby neighborhood. That's where he met Willie Mitchell who was already a successful bandleader and recording artist. It was at the Mitchell house where he first heard the blues on radio station WDIA. He was addicted to the groove from that moment on. He is most proud that he was reunited with Willie when asked to play on the last two albums Willie produced, Al Green's highly acclaimed "Everything's OK" and Soloman Burke's "Nothing's Impossible." 

After years of hard practice he auditioned for "The Blue Notes" and became a "Blue Note" complete with blue tuxedo coat and black lapels.They played every nightclub and juke joint near Memphis and that's when Bobby's musical education really began. He played with several high school bands including "The Blazers" and "The Nightlighters." He took a job in the houseband at the famous black nightclub "The Paradise Club" which not only helped him work his way through college but became a catalyst for landing him a job at Memphis' "Stax Records"

The Stax Years

Bobby joined Stax Records as a staff engineer in late 1967 shortly after the tragic death of Otis Redding and members of the Bar-Kays. Stax had recently  dissolved their production/distribution agreement with Atlantic Records and the plan was to build an entire new catalogue. He worked on over twenty-three albums within his first year. One of his first assignments was engineering on the "Home" album by Bonnie and Delany as well as playing guitar on the single "Take A Little Piece Of My Heart." He  engineered and played guitar on the Emotion's hit album and single "So I Can Love You" as well co-writing songs with the Bar-Kays and many others. As his career started moving more towards session playing and writing songs, Bobby partnered with Betty Crutcher to write over forty songs for the label. Over a short two year period he played on albums by Isaac Hayes, Little Milton, Shirley Brown, Johnnie Taylor, Billy Eckstine , Albert King, Rufus and Carla Thomas, The Soul Children,The Madlads, The Temprees, The Bar-Kays and most of the artists on the Stax roster. When Elvis came to Stax Bobby played on his "Raised On Rock" album. In 1970 Issac Hayes hit with the "Hot Buttered Soul"  album and Bobby was chosen to be his first guitar player. They played most of the major venues in the US including performances at Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center . They even played  in San Francisco's Winterland with Led Zepplin and The Fillmore East in New York City with Nina Simone and Richie Havens. In 1970 Bobby was asked to become an artist at Stax and he joined Duck Dunn, Al Jackson and Carson Whitsett to reform the MG's. In the early seventies he started producing for the label. Some of his first productions  were  on Ben Atkins, Stefan, Annette Thomas and Little Milton and The Green Brothers. In 1975 Stax Records was forced to close its doors and a new chapter in Bobby's career began. 

The Duck and More

When Stax Records was forced to shut its doors in 1975, Bobby worked as an independent producer, often on projects organized by Stax co-founder Estelle Axton. In 1976 she paired him with Memphis disc jockey Rick Dees. The result was "Disco Duck", which soared to number one on the Billboard pop charts in September 1976 and sold over four million records worldwide. "Disco Duck" was the last pop song completely recorded in Memphis to reach the coveted No. 1 spot. Shortly after Disco Duck topped the charts Bobby formed a partnership with Jim Stewart, the other co-founder of Stax records. For eighteen years they produced a steady stream of rhythm and blues out of their Memphis recording studio "The Daily Planet." In the early eighties they partnered with Harvey Lynch to form Houston Connection Records. Within six months they had the number two record on the Billboard R&B charts, "Knockout" by Margie Joseph. With Stewart's retirement, Bobby formed High Stacks Records and positioned his new label to become a solid member of the Traditional and Contemporary Gospel markets with his first release "Let Love Abide" by Jackie Johnson. Additionally he produced a long awaited Stax reunion album entitled "926 East McLemore." Bobby was one of the subjects of a Smithsonian Institution film and received prominent mention in a book written by James Dickerson, "Goin Back to Memphis: A Century of Blues, Rock 'n Roll and Glorious Soul."  In 1985 Bobby co-founded The Coolers with former M.G. bassist Duck Dunn and Caboose lead singer Gary Johns. They were voted The Best Memphis Band in Memphis Magazine in 1993.  For more than a decade The Coolers were the band other musicians wanted to sit in with when they came to town, including Billy Joel, George Thorogood, Bryan Adams, Kenny Loggins, Carl Perkins, Dan Aykroyd, Paul Carrack of Mike and the Mechanics, Jimmy Vaughn, Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh of the Eagles and Charlie Rich. The Coolers were chosen to open the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. 

The Beat Goes On

In 2002 Bobby sold the recording studio but continues to play sessions and produce select artists.  He led a 9-piece all-star band on a European tour called "A Tribute to Rufus Thomas" that featured Carla Thomas, Vaneese Thomas, Ellis Hooks and Jackie Johnson.  He produced an album for the Green Brothers and headlined the Porretta Soul Festival with the Green Brothers, who were the last artists signed to Stax Records before its closure.  Bobby was invited to play at the White House with Booker T. Jones, Mavis Staples, Sam Moore, William Bell, Justin Timberlake, Alabama Shakes, Steve Cropper, Cindi Lauper, Joshua Ledet, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, which became a PBS Special, "In Performance at the White House: Memphis Soul."  In 2013 Bobby released his solo single "Memphis in Havana" and has recently completed his long-awaited solo album "Soulsauce" on the Kudzu Electric label.



1966 Produced, wrote, and played guitar on "I Can't Make It" and "Merry Go Round," staff guitarist and song writer for Onyx Studio

1967 Produced,wrote and played guitar on "These Windows" and "Love In" by Village Sounds on the Onyx label, played guitar on "Momma" and "For Love" by Ronnie Angel for the Onyx label, played guitar on "Foolish Hearts Break Fast" and "Round the Clock Lover Man by Homer Banks on the Minit label

1966-67 Played guitar in the house band at the Club Paradise featuring all the touring Rhythm and Blues artists; B.B. King, Little Milton, Ike and Tina Turner, Clyde McPhatter, Albert King, broadcast live every Saturday night on radio station WDIA.

1967-68 Assistant recording engineer for STAX Records

1968 Played guitar and engineered on "Home" album by Bonnie and Delaney, played guitar on the single "Little Piece of My Heart," engineered and played guitar on "Gotta Groove" album by the Bar-Kays, co-wrote "Funky Thang" and "Don't Stop Dancing To The Music" Pt.1&2

1969 Engineer,songwriter,guitarist for STAX Records, worked on 23 albums during the catalogue buildup of 1969: Emotions,"So I Can Love You, The Nobody Else self-titled "Nobody Else," Isaac Hayes,"Hot Buttered Soul," Carla Thomas,"Memphis Queen," Pops Staples, Albert King,Steve Cropper,"Jammed Together," Ollie and the Nightingales,"Ollie and The Nightingales," Soul Children,"Give Em Love," Eddie Floyd,"Rare Stamps," William Bell,"Bound To Happen," Albert King,"King Does the King's Thing," Staples Singers,"When Will We Get Over," Eddie Floyd,"Got To Have Eddie," Johnny Taylor,"Johnny Taylor Philosophy Continues," Various Artists,"Boy Meets Girl," Mar-Keys,"Dammifiknow," Jimmy Hughes,"Something Special," Bar-Kays,"Gotta Groove," Madlads,"Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad, Mad Madlads," Steve Cropper,"With A Little Help From My Friends" Mavis Staples,"Mavis Staples"

1970 Chosen by Isaac Hayes to be his first lead guitarist, toured the US with Isaac for "Hot Buttered Soul" tour, performed at such diverse places as Winterland in San Francisco with Led Zepplin and The Fillmore East, NY with Nina Simone and Richie Havens, engineered for Rufus Thomas on "The Funky Chicken" and "Do The Funky Chicken," engineer/guitar for Mavis Staples on "Only The Lonely," played guitar on the "Stormy" album by Billy Eckstine

1971 Staff producer for STAX Records, produced Annette Thomas, Stefan, Ben Atkins, Little Milton and The Green Brothers, recorded a novelty record under the pseudonym Dale Yard,became a co-writer with Betty Crutcher,building a song catalogue of over forty songs including "My Main Man" by the Staple Singers,"I Wake Up Wanting You" by Carla Thomas and "Short Stopping" by Veda Brown, engineered Grammy Award winning album "Shaft' by Isaac Hayes and "Black Rock" album by The Bar-Kays, engineer/guitar on "Victim of A Joke" by David Porter, played guitar on"Pin The Tail On The Donkey" by The Newcomers, engineer,guitarist,co-writer on "Gypsy" by Finley Brown, composer on "The Staple Swingers" album by The Staple Singers, engineered on David Porter's "Into a Real Thing"

1972 Played on the album "Did You Heard Me?" by Rufus Thomas," "Do You See What I See" by the Bar-Kays and "I Like Em Young" by Moms Mabley, engineer on "Ive Been Here All The Time" by Luther Ingram, played guitar on "At Memphis" by Inez & Charlie Foxx

1973 Became a member of The MG's with Carson Whitsett and STAX stalwarts Al Jackson and Duck Dunn, co-wrote and played guitar on ten songs on the album "The MG's, played guitar on John Gary Williams' self-titled album "John Gary Williams," William Bell's "Phases of Reality" album, Little Milton's album "Waiting For Little Milton" and Elvis Presley's album "Raised on Rock"nominated by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences as Memphis' most outstanding musician

1974 Played guitar on "Blues and Soul" by Little Milton and "Friction" by The Soul Children, played on "Hobos, Heroes and Street Corner Clowns" by Don Nix and on William Bell's album "Relating," played Shirley Brown's million selling single and album "Woman to Woman," was a composer on The Staple Singers' "City in the Sky"

1975 Played guitar on Leon Russell's gold and platinum album "Will O' The Wisp," Rance Allen's "Soulful Experience," R.B. Hudmon's "How Can I Be A Witness," played guitar and produced The Green Brothers' "Dy-No-Myte" and "Can't Give You Up"

1976 Played on Leon Russell's "Best of Leon," produced "Birdbird" and "I Thank You" on Katheryn Chase and "Sugar Candy" by Wolfpack for Freetone Records, co-wrote, produced and played guitar on "Disco Duck" by Rick Dees, which received gold and platinum  records and sold aver four million worldwide, toured with Rick Dees and appeared on The Merv Griffiin Show, Midnight Special and the Billboard Awards TV Show,Disco Duck was number one on the Billboard Top One Hundred for week October 16,1976

1977 Built Daily Planet Recording Studio with STAX Records cofounder Jim Stewart; did independent production for Malaco, Arista, Atlantic and Mercury Records; charted records on R. B. Hudmon-"This Could Be the Night" from the album "Closer to you," Pat Taylor-"Foldout Girl," and Shirley Brown; produced Ben E. King (of "Stand by Me" fame); produced and played guitar on "The Original Disco Duck" LP for RSO Records; played guitar on "Carol Grimes" album by Carol Grimes and on Albert King's album, "Pinch"

1978 Played guitar on albums for Rance Allen, "Straight from the Heart"; "Sunshine" by The Emotions, and T. G. Sheppard's self-named album, "T. G."; formed the group "Black Diamond" with Lester Snell, Willie Hall, Ray Griffin, Swain Schaeffer and Gimmer Nicholson and released a single on Atlantic records

1979 Composed songs on the album "Chronicle" by The Staple Singers; composed songs on the album "Chronicle" by The Emotions; recorded and played guitar on "Light in the Long Run" by Suzanne Jerome

1980 Became a session guitarist for William B. Tanner Studio, specializing in commercials and jingles

1981 Produced and played guitar on "Walkin' the Back Streets" by Little Milton; played guitar on John Mayall's album "Road Show Blues;" toured Italy for 6 weeks with John Mayall, playing guitar in his band, The Blues Breakers; composed on "This Time Around" by The Staple Singers

1982 Recording engineer and guitarist for Ron Blackwood Productions; engineered and played guitar for Levon Helm and the RCO All Stars, Dr. John, Paul Butterfield, Duck Dunn, Steve Cropper, Fred Carter Jr.

1983 Formed Houston Connection Record Company with Jim Stewart and Harvey Lynch; released "Knockout!" by Margie Joseph, which reached #2 on the Billboard charts; produced "Young Girls" by Video, which also charted. Engineered "Black Hole Bop" by X25 on HCRC label. Played guitar and produced "Ride This Pony" on Libra for The HCRC label   

                                                                                                                                                           1984 Produced and played guitar on "Best of the Mad Lads" by the Mad Lads, recorded and mixed "Bedrok" for HCRC Records. Produced and played guitar on"Ching Chu" and "Convict Me" by Libra on The Black Diamond Label

1985 Co-founded The Coolers with former M. G. bassist Duck Dunn and Caboose lead singer Gary Johns; performed with Billy Joel, George Thorogood, Kenny Loggins, Carl Perkins, Dan Aykroyd, Paul Carrack of Mike and the Mechanics, Jimmy Vaughn, Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh of the Eagles, Charlie Rich; chosen to open The Hard Rock Cafe in New York City

1986 Performed with The Coolers on the Peabody Hotel Rooftop with new artist John Secada; began playing Mallards lounge in the Peabody which  became the place for all touring artists to come and jam; performed with The Coolers and Carl Perkins in Jackson TN for a hometown welcoming for Carl

1987 Played guitar on "Soul Survivor" album by Al Green.

1988 Played with Charlie Rich at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City; engineered "Jammed Together" album with Steve Cropper, Albert King and Pops Staples; played guitar, recorded and mixed Luther Ingram's "Another Man's Name," "I Never Had A Chance" and "I Will Follow You"; composed on "The STAX Soul Sisters" album with various artists

1989 Formed Black Diamond record label with partner Jim Stewart; first release was "If This Is Goodbye" and "After Tonight" by Shirley Brown; engineered, produced and played guitar on Shirley Brown's album "Fire and Ice" on Malaco Records

1990 Played guitar and engineered "New Me" by Lynn White for SOH label 

and "Sense Of Place" album by John Mayall; composer on "Best of The Staples Singers" album by the Staple Singers; composer and guitarist on "Black Rock/Gotta Groove" by the Bar-Kays; engineer, producer, guitarist on "Timeless" album by Shirley Brown; programmer,guitarist and producer on"Razor" album by Green 3; composed on Quiet Elegance's "You've Got My Mind Messed Up"

1991 Recorded, mixed, played guitar on "Loveaholic" album by J. Blackfoot on the Khatique label featuring the hit single "Just One Lifetime"; engineered and played guitar on Lynn White's "Home Girl" album on the SOH label; engineered and played guitar on "Roadhouse Blues" by Albert King

1992 Played guitar on "Blues Don't Change" album by Albert King; songwriter on "Black and Blue" album by Little Sonny; producer on "Rare STAX Vocal Groups of the 60's & 70's:Just A little Overcome" by Various Artists; engineered and played guitar on "Friction/Best of Two Worlds" album by The Soul Children; played guitar on "Rock of the 70's, Vol.4

1993 Engineer, guitarist, programmer on Shirley Brown's album "Joy and Pain" for Malaco Records; played guitar on "Ultimate Collection" album by Albert King; guitarist and engineer on J.Blackfoot's album "Room Service;" composer, producer and guitarist on "Let's Try and Be Friends" album by The Coolers; composer on "The Best of The Bar-Kays" and on "Private Numbers" by Veda Brown and Judy Clay

1994 Producer and guitarist on "Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3" by Various Artists; engineered and played guitar on "Cross Country Blues" album by John Mayall, on on Billy Eckstine's "Stormy/Feel the Warm" album and on "Return of the Blues Breakers" album by John Mayall; played guitar on "Funky London" album by Albert King; composer on "Little Sunny-Blues with a Feeling: Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, Vol. 2"; composed on "Icehouse Records Sampler, Vol. 1"

1995 Played guitar on the following albums: "Senior Soul/If She Walked into my Life" by Billy Eckstine, "Jazz Dance Classics, Vol. 4" by Various Artists, "Up Above My Head" by Rance Allen, and "California Girl/Down to Earth" by Eddie Floyd; engineered and played guitar on "Soul Children/Best of Two Worlds" album by The Soul Children; engineered Margie Joseph's album "Margie Joseph Makes a New Impression/Phase II" (Ace Records); produced, programmed and played guitar on Shirley Brown's "Diva of Soul" album, co-writing songs that included the hit single, "You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man"; composed "Solo Strut" by Solo

1996 Played guitar and engineered "Fill This World With Love" album by Ann Peebles; engineered "So I Can Love You/Untouched" album by The Emotions and "Greatest Hits (Right Stuff)" album by Luther Ingram; played guitar and produced self-named album "Lucille" by Lucille; composer and guitarist on "Sweet Soul from Memphis" by The Astors/The Newcomers

1997 Played guitar on Rance Allen's album "Let the Music Get Down in Your Soul" and on Leon Russell's album "Retrospective"; produced, engineered played guitar and co-wrote "Soul of a Woman" album by Shirley Brown; played guitar and engineered "This Christmas" album by J. Blackfoot; engineered J. Blackfoot's album "Stealing Love"; was a composer on William Bell's "Wow.../Bound to Happen"; was interviewed and filmed by the Smithsonian Institute for the Rock and soul Museum, video portion included in the STAX Museum of American Soul Music

1998 Founded High Stacks Records; engineered and played guitar on a STAX reunion CD, "926 East McLemore" including Sir Mack Rice, The Madlads, The Temprees, J. Blackfoot, STAX Rhythm Section, Ben Cauley, Luther Ingram, The Bar-Kays, Ollie Nightingale and Rufus Thomas; produced, engineered and played guitar on "Swing Out" CD for Rufus Thomas; composed "Three Way Love Affair" by shirley Brown; composed on "Malaco Music Group Sampler"; formed High Stacks Gospel label; engineered, produced and played guitar on Jackie Johnson's "Let Love Abide" CD; produced and played guitar on "Blues Masters. Vol. 17: More Postmodern Blues" by Various Artists

1999 Produced and engineered Billy Rivers and The Angelic Voices of Faith "Got to Lift Him" and "Let's Celebrate" CDs; produced and engineered Keenan Shotwell and Voices of Christ "Changed" CD; engineered and played guitar on "Genesis/Friction" CD by The Soul Children; engineered J. Blackfoot's "Having an Affair" CD and Margie Joseph's CD "Margie Joseph Makes a New Impression/Phase II" (STAX Records)

2000 Produced and engineered "Full Catastrophe (Bonus Tracks)" CD by William Lee Ellis; programmed, produced, engineered and played guitar on "Because We Love You" CD by the The Temprees on the High Stacks label; engineered "Super Soul Club Hits" CD by Various Artists and "10,000 Miles" CD by Wise Williams; played guitar on Johnny Taylor's CD "Lifetime"; produced, engineered and played guitar on Jackie Johnson's CD "Here I Am" on "A High Stacks Christmas" by Various Artists on High Stacks Gospel label 

2001 Engineered "Same Place, Same Time" CD by J. Blackfoot; engineered "Let's Celebrate" CD by Billy Rivers and The Angelic Voices of Faith for High Stacks Gospel label; released Ray McGee's CD "A Tribute to Cleophus Robinson" on High Stacks Gospel label

2002 Featured guest guitarist on Don Nix's CD "Going Down: The Songs of Don Nix"; songwriter, producer, engineer, guitarist on "Patchouli" CD by Ben Atkins; played guitar on Carla Thomas' "Live in Memphis"; produced, engineered and played guitar on "Keenan Shotwell and the Voices for Christ" by Keenan Shotwell

2003 Featured in the documentary film "Only the Strong Survive" by D. A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus; led a Memphis All Star Band featuring Carla Thomas, Jackie Johnson and Ellis Hooks on a tour of Italy, Spain and France; performed at Montreaux Jazz Festival featuring The Blues Brothers and Bonnie Raitt; composer on Quiet Elegance CD "Complete Quiet Elegance on Hi"; played guitar on "Touching the World" CD by Dewitt Johnson; engineered the following CD's: "Bottoms Up!" by Quinn Golden, "Woman Wants a Freak" by Chuck Roberson, "I Wanna Have Some Fun" by Rick Larson, "Take Me" by Bill Coday, and "Get Down Tonight" by Lee "Shot" Williams

2004 Played guitar on "Soul Comes Home: A Celebration of STAX Records" CD and DVD, featured on PBS stations across America; played guitar on "We'll Play the Blues for You" CD by Various Artists; played guitar and engineered for Denise LaSalle's "Wanted" CD and for O. B. Buchana's "Shake What You Got!" CD; engineered "Ladies Night" CD by Rick Lawson, "I Need a Cowboy to Ride My Pony" CD by Sheba Potts-Wright, and "It's Just a Party" by Carl Simms

2005 Received The Blues Ball Producers Award; composed and played guitar on "Everything's OK" by Al Green; composed "Higher Power" by Bernard Allison; engineered "Shake It Down" by Lorraine Turner; engineered and played guitar on Lee "Shot" Williams' "Nibble Man"

2006 Played guitar and produced "STAX Profiles" by Little Milton; played guitar on STAX Profiles" by Rance Allen and on "STAX Profiles" by Albert King; played guitar on "Down Low Brother" by Barbara Carr; played guitar on "Meat Man" CD by Lee "Shot" Williams; engineered "Live from Memphis: Let's Celebrate" CD by Billy Rivers and The Angelic Voices of Faith

2007 Played lead guitar on"50 Years of Soul" CD and DVD, shown on PBS stations; engineered and played guitar on "Give Me Your Heart" CD by Terry Wall & the Wallbangers; composed "Love is Plentiful" on Original Soundtrack "License to Wed"; played guitar on "Anytime Anyplace Anywhere" by Mashaa; composed on "Stax Chartbusters, Vol. 5" and "The Very Best of the Staple Singers"

2008 Became  a partner in LocoBop, (founded by former head of publishing at STAX Records, Tim Whitsitt), a digital music company that offers digital downloads and Amazon.com "press on demand" of deep classic soul, rock, brass bands, Mardi Gras Indian bands, Zydeco, Cajun, Swamp blues and rock, Bourbon Street jazz and junk, New Orleans R & B, blues and gospel (over 200 titles available at LocoBop.com); played guitar on "Samedi Soir a Beyrouth" CD by Bernard Lavilliers; composed on "STAX Solo Recordings" by Judy Clay; played guitar on Earl Gaines' CD "Nothin' But the Blues"

2009 Co-wrote, engineered and played guitar on the Green Brothers' CD, "Soulsville"; played guitar on CD by Ernie Vescovo, "Ernie Vee" on Highland Records; played guitar, engineered, produced and co-wrote "No Fast Dancing!" CD by Bobby Manuel and Rick Christian

2010 Performed with the Green Brothers at the Poretta Soul Festival in Porretta, Italy; featured guitarist in a tribute to Willie Mitchell at the Porretta Soul Festival; played guitar on "Nothing's Impossible" CD by Solomon Burke; played guitar on CD by Marti Pellow, lead singer of the Scottish pop group Wet Wet Wet; composer on "Soul Time: Soul Classics" by various artists

2011 Engineered "Essential Albums" CD by Isaac Hayes; played guitar on Albert King's CD "Definitive Albert King on STAX"

2012 Began writing an autobiography and working on a solo CD; released a solo single on Jazz Instrumental LocoBop, Vol. 5

2013 Released a single on LocoBop Records "Memphis in Havana"; played guitar for the 2013 Memphis Music Hall of Fame ceremony with Carla Thomas, the Bar-Kays, Bobby Rush, Paul Rodgers, Steve Selvidge and Kris Thomas; played at the White House with Booker T. Jones, Sam Moore, Justin Timberlake, Queen Latifah, Cindi Lauper, Mavis Staples, William Bell, Eddie Floyd,  Joshua Ledet, Alabama Shakes, Steve Cropper, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite for PBS Performance at the White House: Memphis Soul; composed on "Mannish Boys: The STAX and Volt Recordings 1969-74" by The Newcomers

2014 Played guitar on The Revelations  album "The Cost of Living"; co-wrote "I Love You, I Hate You" with Rell Gaddis of The Revelations; recorded new songs at Royal Studios for solo album "SOULSAUCE"; co-wrote songs with Charles Hodges and Daryl Carter for the new Revelations album; solo guitarist on Mark "Muleman" Massey's "One Step Ahead of the Blues" on Icehouse Records; played guitar on "Soul Changes" by Dave Keller

2015 Co-wrote songs for new album on Bobby Green of The Green Brothers; played guitar for Memphis Music Hall of Fame ceremony-performers were Justin Timberlake, Sam Moore, Steve Cropper, Preston Shannon, Tracy Nelson, Steve Jordan, Jim Keltner and Susan Marshall; produced on "Solid STAX Sensations"

2016 Completed solo album "SOULSAUCE" to be released on Tim Whitsett's Kudzu Electric label in 2017; played guitar on Amy Black's new album "Memphis"; played for the Memphis Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony and show featuring William Bell, Snoop Dog and The Legendary Hi Rhythm Section                  

2017 Played guitar on the Royal Studios 60th Anniversary Show and recording with featured artist Syl Johnson, Boz Scaggs, Tony Joe White, Anthony Hamilton, Barkays, Robert Cray, William Bell, Rhodes, Chalmers and Rhodes, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dave Stewart And The Eurythmics, Kirk Whalum. Released a single "Memphis In Havana" on the Locobop label

2018 Awarded a Brass Note on Beale Street with a ceremony at BB Kings Club featuring "Billy Rivers and The Angelic Voices Of Faith".  Released two singles and videos on Locobop, "Connie" and "Dr. Groove. Produced "A Change is Gonna Come" by The Masqueraders at the  famous American East Studio for the Locobop Label. Played guitar with Betty Wright and William Bell with an allstar band including Lester Snell Steve Potts, Ray Griffin for the Grammy tribute to Martin Luther King at the Grammy Museum in Clarksdale MS.